SecDSM, a monthly meetup providing the opportunity to network with other InfoSec pros and listen to short tech talks presented by your fellow members (or give a presentation yourself!) while enjoying some beer/drinks/food. No sales pitches. The idea is to provide you actionable knowledge for you to take back to your $dayjob while building a top tier InfoSec community in the Des Moines area. If you have the desire to learn about real world InfoSec scenarios - get out of your comfort zone - and join us in a relaxed vendor neutral environment. No registration is required.


We meet monthly, on the 1st Thursday starting at 6pm at Foundry Distilling Company in West Des Moines.

Due to a the first thursday being July 4th, this meeting is moved to July 11th. This will be a normal format for a meeting and will still be at Foundry
Jason Daily Making Windows Event Forwarding/Collecting Great (Again)?7:00 PM

Windows Event Forwarding/Collecting is amazing and built into Windows Workstation/Server OS's, however using it to collect logs at scale can introduce challenges for the Blue Team.
This talk with discuss lessons learned including writing suppression filters that may help save your organization money on Collector Sprawl and gain faster ingestion times.

Ben Meader Introducing the Strategic Security Planning Framework7:30 PM

How do you set a security strategy that resonates with the business? Executives? Your employees? The SSPF is a framework that is built using business planning fundamentals to connect your security strategy and program in a way that aligns directly to your organization's goals. Easy to use and flexible, it creates a structured approach to communicating your plan in a way that everyone can understand.

Ben is the Technology Security Director at EMC Insurance. He has been working in some form of security for the last 20+ years. He loves to write, fish, play basketball, and watch sports.

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Jason Stanekr Part1: Mitigating the Risk of Quantum (RoQ) AND Part 2: Rescuing Data Lost via Modern Data Infrastructure7:00 PM

This talk consists of two parts.
Part 1: Quantum Computing has Potential to advance biotechnology, finance, material science, medicine, and other industries, but also has the potential to break encryption protocols used for communication everywhere across the Internet. Today’s data that may be of value in the future may be compromised even if Post-Quantum (PQ) encryption is in place at that time. Please join us to learn about and discuss what is needed to mitigate the RoQ.
Part 2: Bad data is data that causes impact without known origin or data that does not fully conform to expectations. Bad data costs a company on average ~$13 million annually, by leading to outages, lower productivity, higher maintenance costs, and poor decisions. Please join us to learn about and discuss how to rescue data lost with modern data infrastructure.

Jason Stanek has extensive experience with solving business, computational, infrastructure, automation, visualization, and scientific problems and enjoys building teams and collaborations. Turning innovative ideas into reality has been the focus of his career thus far, having built numerous valuable technologies for companies.
Examples of Jason’s works include proprietary scalable cloud platforms for MLOps and DataOps data stewardship to overcome limitations of available modern data platforms, tools and algorithms to simplify complexity and bring out insights for human understanding, custom data visualizations and explorations for business applications, and automation pipelines for numerous processes.
Jason also has extensive experience, ability, and knowledge in genetics, R&D, and a fine appreciation of finance, gaming, and security domains as well, having brought to bear multiple opportunities to collaborate and/or improve policies and practice. Jason has a PhD in Computer Engineering, a Master’s of Business Administration, and undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and in Finance.

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Is this a Rapid 7 Party? Get ready to crank up the party vibes and kick off the Halloween fun with a bang! Picture this: a Hacker Costume Contest, an electrifying Scavenger Hunt, a spooky CTF and a brain-teasing Trivia Night! Prizes will be on hand for winning teams. No presentations this meeting, just pure excitement and energy! Get your costumes ready and join us for an unforgettable pre-Halloween bash! 🎉👻🎃.

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We meet in at Foundry Distilling Company located at 111 S 11th St, Suite 100, West Des Moines, IA 50265.

Foundry Distilling Company

111 S 11th St, Suite 100, West Des Moines, IA 50265-4455