SecDSM, a monthly meetup providing the opportunity to network with other InfoSec pros and listen to short tech talks presented by your fellow members (or give a presentation yourself!) while enjoying some beer/drinks/food. No sales pitches. The idea is to provide you actionable knowledge for you to take back to your $dayjob while building a top tier InfoSec community in the Des Moines area. If you have the desire to learn about real world InfoSec scenarios - get out of your comfort zone - and join us in a relaxed vendor neutral environment. No registration is required.


We meet monthly, on the 1st Thursday starting at 6pm at Foundry Distilling Company in West Des Moines.

Nate Subra, Ramsey, Trevor, Tim - Tool Talk KernelCon 2024 CTF Debrief7:00 PM

Our team won the 2024 KernelCon CTF. We've put together a debrief for all the of challenges we solved (and didn't solve).

Chip McElvain Building a better Fake Internet Environment with a focus on OPFOR automation7:30 PM

This is Demo of a Fake internet environment I developed with a focus on realistic internet services, traffic gen, and OPFOR automation.

Lead Cyber Security Research Consultant at Wells Fargo and Cyber Range SME for the 132 Cyber Range Squadron in the Iowa Air National Guard. Chip has worked OPFOR for Wells Fargo for the past 2 years and the DoD since 2015. Extensive experience in Cyber Range environments such as PCTE, Simspace, ByLight Metova, and STEP

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Jacob Schubert AI Agent Security7:00 PM

Security Problems with Large Language Models' Actions, and Possible Remediations.

James Bierly Managing the Unmanagable Security for Small Businesses7:30 PM

In this talk we will discuss the challenges SMBs face when trying to secure their networks and data. We address common myths, misconceptions, and how to have a conversation with the small business owners you frequent.

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Due to a the first thursday being July 4th, this meeting is moved to July 11th. This will be a normal format for a meeting and will still be at Foundry

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We meet in at Foundry Distilling Company located at 111 S 11th St, Suite 100, West Des Moines, IA 50265.

Foundry Distilling Company

111 S 11th St, Suite 100, West Des Moines, IA 50265-4455